When the Drip Can’t be Stopped

“Drip on?” “Acknowledge.”  https://www.denofgeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Chris-Hemsworth-in-Spiderhead-Review.jpeg?fit=1200%2C667 The infamous lines from “Escaping the Spiderhead,” a New Yorker short story written by George Saunders, adapted into a Netflix film, portrays the story of scientific research usurped when a test subject reveals its deception. The plot surrounds scientific research by Dr Steve Abnesti who seeks to perfect altering chemicals that … Continue reading When the Drip Can’t be Stopped

Queer Youth on the Edge of Belonging

Despite the queer community’s overrepresentation in the homeless community, the unique, overlapping challenges faced by queer homeless youth of all backgrounds, and queer Americans’ growing visibility in the public, queer homeless youth continue to be largely invisible, and their needs largely unmet. 

Where are all of the fathers?

As viewers and readers of media across the world watch mothers and other birthing parents experience bloody birth, clean up bodily fluids, discipline rowdy toddlers, guide their children through math homework and elementary school essays, chaperone middle schoolers to field trips, and give teens the uncomfortable sex talk, it eventually begs the question: Where are all of the fathers? 

Never Let Your Crown Fall

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2zIpx95JY3c If you have not seen the explosive video of Will Smith and Chris Rock at the Oscars, you are missing out on all the discourse surrounding it! For days this is a moment that has sparked several conversations amongst my peers and myself. It has been discussed in several of my academic settings. I … Continue reading Never Let Your Crown Fall

Please Say Gay

2022 has, so far, been a pretty terrifying year for queer youth in America. From bills in Texas seeking to remove trans children from affirming homes to bans on trans student-athletes across the South, it seems like danger is all around. One of the most high-profile bills to emerge from this flood of homophobic legislation … Continue reading Please Say Gay


The television show Girl Boss debuted on Netflix in 2017, depicting the life of Sophia Amuroso, female founder and CEO of the company Nastygal. The show was considered a flop, with only a 32% on rotten tomatoes, and was canceled after one season. Despite the lack of success of the show, the term ‘girlboss’ has … Continue reading Girlboss.

Collegiate Athlete or Superhuman?

Imagine… 5:00 AM Tuesday morning, your alarm gently plays the “sunrise” sounds. You know what that means. Time to crawl out of bed, throw on some workout clothes, shovel a quick meal, then walk outside in 20º weather for a 6:00 AM lifting session. Once you get a great session in, it’s time to go … Continue reading Collegiate Athlete or Superhuman?

FP 3 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The last time I saw my Little was the week before Spring Break. When I visited her I had no idea it would be our last visit of the semester. I picked my Little up from the lunchroom like I do every Wednesday and we went to our classroom. During the last few weeks of … Continue reading FP 3 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

FP Post 2 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The goals of my weekly visits with my Little are to improve her academic as well as social skills in the classroom and at home. While there are not many requirements for my meetings with my Little, the organization does provide her school with a collection of games and activities for us to use. While … Continue reading FP Post 2 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

Zoom and its impact on American Privacy

Last Supper, Work From Home edition (Source: knowyourmeme.com) Last month, Nashville Mayor John Cooper released his “Safer at Home” order regarding COVID-19 urging citizens to stay in their homes and connect digitally rather than in person to protect against the global COVID-19 pandemic. In accordance with this new recommendation, you can find me curled up … Continue reading Zoom and its impact on American Privacy