See Your Data, See Your Thoughts

It doesn’t sound very foreign to our generation to describe the following, but may have seemed as a repulsive invasion of privacy to prior generations. You finish your work for the weekend, open Safari on your iPhone, and search for film reviews before heading to the movies with friends. You click on a link to … Continue reading See Your Data, See Your Thoughts

On Being Real

🚨You’ve received a notification: “It’s time to BeReal!”🚨 What does this mean, you may ask? Well, “BeReal” is a new “anti-social media” social media platform that has recently gained popularity amongst college kids. The app sends all users a daily alert at different times each day that it’s “time to BeReal!” In other words, it’s … Continue reading On Being Real

Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

The term “hustle culture” often reminds our generation of the ironically motivational social media content from which it originates. A mass amount of cloned Instagram accounts regurgitate the same Elon Musk quotes about working 100 hour work weeks to start his businesses, all hoping to convince their audience that hard work will give them all … Continue reading Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

Where are all of the diverse dancers?

Because of the European origins of classical ballet, and a lack of strong initiatives for change, it seems the answer is "nowhere to be found." Dancers in the Pacific Northwest Ballet performing, photographed by Angela Sterling Most major corporations in the United States have diversity initiatives. Upholding a diverse student body is essential for top … Continue reading Where are all of the diverse dancers?

Muddling of Mental Illness

Back in 2017, the television show “13 Reasons Why” aired. The show presented the story of a fictional teenage girl, Hannah, who leaves behind 13 recordings on her cassette after killing herself. Each recording blames a person who supposedly played a role in Hannah’s decision to commit suicide… Dark, I know. The show drew massive … Continue reading Muddling of Mental Illness

The Toilet Paper Rush

“I thought that all this bathroom hysteria was fake news until I walked tonight into a ravaged Safeway, and then a depleted Trader Joe’s.” - A comment on “15 Ways To Wipe When The Toilet Paper Is Gone” published in 2016, March 15 2020. As Corona Virus is getting unprecedentedly serious all over the world, many … Continue reading The Toilet Paper Rush

Disillusionment with Celebrities in the Time of Quarantine

Like thousands of other Americans, celebrities have found themselves stuck at home under mandatory quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak. And like the rest of us ordinary people, they have latched onto social media to stay connected and informed with the world. But that’s where many similarities stop. There has been widespread backlash against celebrities and … Continue reading Disillusionment with Celebrities in the Time of Quarantine

A Short Discussion About Object Permanence

(Image retrieved from Wikipedia) If you’ve ever played a game of peek-a-boo with an infant, you probably understand the concept of object permanence. Object permanence is the ability to recognize that objects still exist, even if they are not in our view. The reason why we are able to play peek-a-boo with babies is because … Continue reading A Short Discussion About Object Permanence