Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

(Graphic Courtesy of The New York Times) When thinking of American politics and society over the past couple years I think we can all agree there has been a trend of wanting to return to “normal”. From Donald Trump promising an idyllic vision of the past or Biden promising a return to Obama years it … Continue reading Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

Health at Every Size?

In what light does society view a binge-drinker? What about a Juul user? A tanning booth user? Someone who doesn’t use a seatbelt, or use sunscreen? Most notably - what about a “fat” person?  Binge-drinking, Juuling, tanning, and other unhealthy behaviors are arguably normalized (and perhaps even culturally praised). People put their health at risk … Continue reading Health at Every Size?

The Fault in Our Scales

TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF EATING DISORDERS This is the story of every person I have ever met. Well, not every person, but a vast majority. Weight governs how people see themselves and how they live their life. As a culture, we have been conditioned to care about the numbers on the scale, whether we see … Continue reading The Fault in Our Scales