Organization Profile: Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE)

It seems that every day now, we receive live updates regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The global community is abuzz with discussions about sanctions, reactions to heart-wrenching photos of suffering Ukrainians, and talks of a new refugee crisis in Europe. However, refugee crises are nothing new, with recent wars in the Middle … Continue reading Organization Profile: Nashville International Center for Empowerment (NICE)

Losing Our Languages

World language studies in United States higher education is quickly becoming a relic of the past.      Amid the undeniable shift in academic priority towards science, math, engineering, and data science, institutions of higher education across America are putting second language studies on the back burner. In some cases, they’re not being given priority at … Continue reading Losing Our Languages

FP Post 1 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

When I transferred to Vanderbilt as a sophomore, I knew I wanted to work with children in underserved communities as I had at my previous school through YMCA. After attending the Org Fair during my first semester, I came across Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vanderbilt. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to … Continue reading FP Post 1 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

A Modest Proposal for Babycakes

How would you solve world hunger? Jonathan Swift’s 1729 essay “A Modest Proposal” has an answer, but it might not be one you’d expect. In what is one of the most renowned and outrageous works of satire in the English-speaking world, Swift modestly proposes that for Irish babies to be “beneficial to the publick,” 20% … Continue reading A Modest Proposal for Babycakes