Organization Profiles: Compost Nashville, Nashville Food Project, and Urban Green Lab

There is a misconception about food waste and hunger in the United States. Though nearly 12% of Americans experience food insecurity, the root of this issue is not that there is a shortage of food, but that there is an abundance of food that is not well-distributed and instead goes to landfills (“Hunger & Poverty … Continue reading Organization Profiles: Compost Nashville, Nashville Food Project, and Urban Green Lab

Freedom of Tweets: Elon Musk’s $43 billion “best and final” offer

Freedom of speech is a concept whose importance needs no explanation. In the modern age of social media, networking platforms have emerged which give US citizens the opportunity to broadcast their voices in varying modalities. Whether it be text, video, images, or audio, the rapidly expanding online world constantly introduces novel platforms that require policy … Continue reading Freedom of Tweets: Elon Musk’s $43 billion “best and final” offer

Why Does Tech Exceptionalism Exist?

If you were told an industry is directly contributing to an increase in teenage eating disorders or suicide, what would your response be? Perhaps you would feel outrage, or simply confusion over how an industry could've been allowed to have that effect on teens in the first place. Maybe you would wonder, more specifically, how … Continue reading Why Does Tech Exceptionalism Exist?

See Your Data, See Your Thoughts

It doesn’t sound very foreign to our generation to describe the following, but may have seemed as a repulsive invasion of privacy to prior generations. You finish your work for the weekend, open Safari on your iPhone, and search for film reviews before heading to the movies with friends. You click on a link to … Continue reading See Your Data, See Your Thoughts


The television show Girl Boss debuted on Netflix in 2017, depicting the life of Sophia Amuroso, female founder and CEO of the company Nastygal. The show was considered a flop, with only a 32% on rotten tomatoes, and was canceled after one season. Despite the lack of success of the show, the term ‘girlboss’ has … Continue reading Girlboss.

On Being Real

🚨You’ve received a notification: “It’s time to BeReal!”🚨 What does this mean, you may ask? Well, “BeReal” is a new “anti-social media” social media platform that has recently gained popularity amongst college kids. The app sends all users a daily alert at different times each day that it’s “time to BeReal!” In other words, it’s … Continue reading On Being Real

Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

The term “hustle culture” often reminds our generation of the ironically motivational social media content from which it originates. A mass amount of cloned Instagram accounts regurgitate the same Elon Musk quotes about working 100 hour work weeks to start his businesses, all hoping to convince their audience that hard work will give them all … Continue reading Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

Muddling of Mental Illness

Back in 2017, the television show “13 Reasons Why” aired. The show presented the story of a fictional teenage girl, Hannah, who leaves behind 13 recordings on her cassette after killing herself. Each recording blames a person who supposedly played a role in Hannah’s decision to commit suicide… Dark, I know. The show drew massive … Continue reading Muddling of Mental Illness

Diet Culture and Emily Mariko’s Salmon Rice Bowl

Trigger Warning: Food, Calories, Eating Disorders, Diet Culture If you search the hashtag “#WhatIEatInADay” on Tik Tok, you’ll find a wide assortment of creators participating in a trend where, as the hashtag suggests, one simply posts all of the food that they consumed in a day. This hashtag boasts 10.6 billion views, so it comes … Continue reading Diet Culture and Emily Mariko’s Salmon Rice Bowl

The Business of (Internalized) Misery

From Animal Crossing to Frank Ocean’s new singles to Zoey 101, a rather assorted range of media has trended on Twitter over the course of the past week. No more or no less assorted than Twitter trends typically are, perhaps, but assorted nonetheless. One viral tweet that caught my eye in particular was the following: … Continue reading The Business of (Internalized) Misery