Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

“He’s artistic?”  “No, he’s Autistic!” Today, if I asked a room of people if they knew what autism is, I am confident that a majority of them would say “yes.” However, if I were to ask this very question forty years ago, I am certain the answer would not be nearly as resounding. In fact, … Continue reading Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

FP 4: Big Brothers Big Sisters

In these posts I have discussed the goals of Big Brothers Big Sisters, my personal experiences with my Little, the strengths of the program, and my recent experiences with the program during COVID-19. I would like to spend this post talking about the overall impact Big Brothers Big Sisters has had in the United States. … Continue reading FP 4: Big Brothers Big Sisters

On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum

Ah, the television. With old pejoratives like "boob tube" and "idiot box," it's clear that TV has a bad rap in comparison to other forms of media. But given trends like the advent of streaming and the rise of high-budget shows (see: Netflix's The Crown, Disney's The Mandalorian, and—forgive me—HBO's Game of Thrones), the television … Continue reading On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum

School Segregation through Illustrations

Integration of public schools in the United States was supposed to take place more than 65 years ago. Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 declared that the segregation of schools was unconstitutional under the 14th amendment and that children of all races should have equal access to education. While this court case could and … Continue reading School Segregation through Illustrations