Collegiate Athlete or Superhuman?

Imagine… 5:00 AM Tuesday morning, your alarm gently plays the “sunrise” sounds. You know what that means. Time to crawl out of bed, throw on some workout clothes, shovel a quick meal, then walk outside in 20º weather for a 6:00 AM lifting session. Once you get a great session in, it’s time to go … Continue reading Collegiate Athlete or Superhuman?

Outward Representation: More Harm than Help?

A Vegas-style yacht bachelor party. The disapproving potential mother-in-law. A white mansion with luxury cars rolling up to the door with just enough time for stylish, designer-clothing clad couples to step out before the private valet takes over. While the images above could describe a variety of flashy rom-coms, the buzz around "Crazy Rich Asians" … Continue reading Outward Representation: More Harm than Help?