Where are all of the fathers?

As viewers and readers of media across the world watch mothers and other birthing parents experience bloody birth, clean up bodily fluids, discipline rowdy toddlers, guide their children through math homework and elementary school essays, chaperone middle schoolers to field trips, and give teens the uncomfortable sex talk, it eventually begs the question: Where are all of the fathers? 

The Final Rose of Feminism

The Bachelor is one of the longest-running reality tv shows, spanning a total of 26 seasons, and has gained an impressive cult following (The fandom calling themselves “Bachelor Nation”) in the nearly two decades it has been airing. For those not familiar, the show follows a man, "The Bachelor," in his pursuit of finding love … Continue reading The Final Rose of Feminism

Feminism and Grand Theft Auto V

TRIGGER WARNING: Violence, Sexism and Misogyny Michael drives into a dark parking lot. On his passenger seat sits a girl that he ‘purchased’ for $10. After a 10 minute ‘service’ the girl opens the door and leaves the car. Michael approaches her from behind and pulls her hair backward. She screams as Michael assaults her … Continue reading Feminism and Grand Theft Auto V