Euro-Colonialism: Just Fun and Games?

I am obsessed with board games.      No, seriously. In the basement of my parent’s home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have a collection of nearly three hundred tabletop board and card games. They sit neatly stacked on white, wooden shelves, piled high on coffee tables and sideboards, sometimes spilling over into other areas … Continue reading Euro-Colonialism: Just Fun and Games?

Feminism and Grand Theft Auto V

TRIGGER WARNING: Violence, Sexism and Misogyny Michael drives into a dark parking lot. On his passenger seat sits a girl that he ‘purchased’ for $10. After a 10 minute ‘service’ the girl opens the door and leaves the car. Michael approaches her from behind and pulls her hair backward. She screams as Michael assaults her … Continue reading Feminism and Grand Theft Auto V