Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

“He’s artistic?”  “No, he’s Autistic!” Today, if I asked a room of people if they knew what autism is, I am confident that a majority of them would say “yes.” However, if I were to ask this very question forty years ago, I am certain the answer would not be nearly as resounding. In fact, … Continue reading Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

The Final Rose of Feminism

The Bachelor is one of the longest-running reality tv shows, spanning a total of 26 seasons, and has gained an impressive cult following (The fandom calling themselves “Bachelor Nation”) in the nearly two decades it has been airing. For those not familiar, the show follows a man, "The Bachelor," in his pursuit of finding love … Continue reading The Final Rose of Feminism

The Riches of the Small Screen

When examining the popular tv shows of the past few decades a common theme, for a lack of better wording, is “rich”. While the premises of these shows may vary, there is a commonality rooted in wealth. For as long as we can remember, television show makers and viewers have held an infatuation with the … Continue reading The Riches of the Small Screen