Queer Youth on the Edge of Belonging

Despite the queer community’s overrepresentation in the homeless community, the unique, overlapping challenges faced by queer homeless youth of all backgrounds, and queer Americans’ growing visibility in the public, queer homeless youth continue to be largely invisible, and their needs largely unmet. 

Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

“He’s artistic?”  “No, he’s Autistic!” Today, if I asked a room of people if they knew what autism is, I am confident that a majority of them would say “yes.” However, if I were to ask this very question forty years ago, I am certain the answer would not be nearly as resounding. In fact, … Continue reading Organization Profile: Autism Tennessee

Where are all of the fathers?

As viewers and readers of media across the world watch mothers and other birthing parents experience bloody birth, clean up bodily fluids, discipline rowdy toddlers, guide their children through math homework and elementary school essays, chaperone middle schoolers to field trips, and give teens the uncomfortable sex talk, it eventually begs the question: Where are all of the fathers? 

When War Movies Come to Life

Most Americans are familiar with the fanfare of Fourth of July: the sudden burst of patriotism, digging dusty flags out of boxes from the basement and digging through drawers for that one good red shirt. Most Americans are much less patriotic on September 28th. But in India, September 28th marks a unique day of national … Continue reading When War Movies Come to Life

Please Say Gay

2022 has, so far, been a pretty terrifying year for queer youth in America. From bills in Texas seeking to remove trans children from affirming homes to bans on trans student-athletes across the South, it seems like danger is all around. One of the most high-profile bills to emerge from this flood of homophobic legislation … Continue reading Please Say Gay

Dating is Hard: A Different Kind of Illness

“I matched with this guy, but…”  “But what?”  “He said he thinks Asian girls are cute.”  Dating can be hard, but personally, dating apps scare me because I am afraid of the way men will perceive me (as a cis-heterosexual female). But there are countless different versions of this conversation among my East Asian girlfriends … Continue reading Dating is Hard: A Different Kind of Illness

Outward Representation: More Harm than Help?

A Vegas-style yacht bachelor party. The disapproving potential mother-in-law. A white mansion with luxury cars rolling up to the door with just enough time for stylish, designer-clothing clad couples to step out before the private valet takes over. While the images above could describe a variety of flashy rom-coms, the buzz around "Crazy Rich Asians" … Continue reading Outward Representation: More Harm than Help?

Sex and Teenagers: What TV Keeps Getting Wrong

Cuties, while portraying a plausible scenario, goes too far in it's presentation. No actress here is older than 14. If you happened to be part of that very large intersection of individuals that participated in the death scroll of YouTube and the endless consumption of Netflix during the early days of quarantine, then you’ve more … Continue reading Sex and Teenagers: What TV Keeps Getting Wrong

The Trouble with Joe Exotic’s American Individualism

During this crazy period, many of us have had more time than ever to watch whatever digital content we desire. And never in history has there been so much to choose from. What does it mean, then, that the #1 TV show on Netflix right now is an outrageous docu-series entitled “The Tiger King: Murder, … Continue reading The Trouble with Joe Exotic’s American Individualism

What THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020) Tells Us About Gaslighting

If you're anything like me, seeing the word "gaslighting" makes you want to throw your phone into the nearest body of water. Over the past few years (chiefly, since the 2016 election), we've seen the term continue to pop up in the realm of politics and everyday life. I think this rise in frequency is … Continue reading What THE INVISIBLE MAN (2020) Tells Us About Gaslighting