The television show Girl Boss debuted on Netflix in 2017, depicting the life of Sophia Amuroso, female founder and CEO of the company Nastygal. The show was considered a flop, with only a 32% on rotten tomatoes, and was canceled after one season. Despite the lack of success of the show, the term ‘girlboss’ has … Continue reading Girlboss.

Muddling of Mental Illness

Back in 2017, the television show “13 Reasons Why” aired. The show presented the story of a fictional teenage girl, Hannah, who leaves behind 13 recordings on her cassette after killing herself. Each recording blames a person who supposedly played a role in Hannah’s decision to commit suicide… Dark, I know. The show drew massive … Continue reading Muddling of Mental Illness

The Reality Behind the Memes

Only 3 days into 2020, teens in the US were making memes about the newest world crisis: the potential war between the US and Iraq. While it wasn’t likely that the conflict would escalate into a full blown world war, the increasing tension and threats led supporters and opponents alike to discuss #WorldWar3. And as … Continue reading The Reality Behind the Memes