FP 4: Big Brothers Big Sisters

In these posts I have discussed the goals of Big Brothers Big Sisters, my personal experiences with my Little, the strengths of the program, and my recent experiences with the program during COVID-19. I would like to spend this post talking about the overall impact Big Brothers Big Sisters has had in the United States. … Continue reading FP 4: Big Brothers Big Sisters

FP 3 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The last time I saw my Little was the week before Spring Break. When I visited her I had no idea it would be our last visit of the semester. I picked my Little up from the lunchroom like I do every Wednesday and we went to our classroom. During the last few weeks of … Continue reading FP 3 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

FP Post 2 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The goals of my weekly visits with my Little are to improve her academic as well as social skills in the classroom and at home. While there are not many requirements for my meetings with my Little, the organization does provide her school with a collection of games and activities for us to use. While … Continue reading FP Post 2 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

FP Post 1 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

When I transferred to Vanderbilt as a sophomore, I knew I wanted to work with children in underserved communities as I had at my previous school through YMCA. After attending the Org Fair during my first semester, I came across Big Brothers Big Sisters of Vanderbilt. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to … Continue reading FP Post 1 – Big Brothers Big Sisters

The John Oliver Effect

John Oliver is a television host known for the series "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver" on HBO about controversial and misunderstood topics in the United States and elsewhere. Oliver has hosted segments on abortion, vaccines, China's One Child Policy, and many more current areas of policy concern. In August of 2019, a segment from … Continue reading The John Oliver Effect

School Segregation through Illustrations

Integration of public schools in the United States was supposed to take place more than 65 years ago. Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 declared that the segregation of schools was unconstitutional under the 14th amendment and that children of all races should have equal access to education. While this court case could and … Continue reading School Segregation through Illustrations