Where are all of the fathers?

As viewers and readers of media across the world watch mothers and other birthing parents experience bloody birth, clean up bodily fluids, discipline rowdy toddlers, guide their children through math homework and elementary school essays, chaperone middle schoolers to field trips, and give teens the uncomfortable sex talk, it eventually begs the question: Where are all of the fathers? 

Freedom of Tweets: Elon Musk’s $43 billion “best and final” offer

Freedom of speech is a concept whose importance needs no explanation. In the modern age of social media, networking platforms have emerged which give US citizens the opportunity to broadcast their voices in varying modalities. Whether it be text, video, images, or audio, the rapidly expanding online world constantly introduces novel platforms that require policy … Continue reading Freedom of Tweets: Elon Musk’s $43 billion “best and final” offer

Please Say Gay

2022 has, so far, been a pretty terrifying year for queer youth in America. From bills in Texas seeking to remove trans children from affirming homes to bans on trans student-athletes across the South, it seems like danger is all around. One of the most high-profile bills to emerge from this flood of homophobic legislation … Continue reading Please Say Gay


The television show Girl Boss debuted on Netflix in 2017, depicting the life of Sophia Amuroso, female founder and CEO of the company Nastygal. The show was considered a flop, with only a 32% on rotten tomatoes, and was canceled after one season. Despite the lack of success of the show, the term ‘girlboss’ has … Continue reading Girlboss.

The Final Rose of Feminism

The Bachelor is one of the longest-running reality tv shows, spanning a total of 26 seasons, and has gained an impressive cult following (The fandom calling themselves “Bachelor Nation”) in the nearly two decades it has been airing. For those not familiar, the show follows a man, "The Bachelor," in his pursuit of finding love … Continue reading The Final Rose of Feminism

The Last Man Standing: Survivor and Gender

Close your eyes and picture a survivalist, fighting against the elements on a deserted island. What do they look like? Something like this? Or maybe this: Or maybe one of these: The image of a strong (usually white) man using his muscles and wit to weather the wilderness has a unique place in the cultural … Continue reading The Last Man Standing: Survivor and Gender

Sex and Teenagers: What TV Keeps Getting Wrong

Cuties, while portraying a plausible scenario, goes too far in it's presentation. No actress here is older than 14. If you happened to be part of that very large intersection of individuals that participated in the death scroll of YouTube and the endless consumption of Netflix during the early days of quarantine, then you’ve more … Continue reading Sex and Teenagers: What TV Keeps Getting Wrong

Muddling of Mental Illness

Back in 2017, the television show “13 Reasons Why” aired. The show presented the story of a fictional teenage girl, Hannah, who leaves behind 13 recordings on her cassette after killing herself. Each recording blames a person who supposedly played a role in Hannah’s decision to commit suicide… Dark, I know. The show drew massive … Continue reading Muddling of Mental Illness

The Riches of the Small Screen

When examining the popular tv shows of the past few decades a common theme, for a lack of better wording, is “rich”. While the premises of these shows may vary, there is a commonality rooted in wealth. For as long as we can remember, television show makers and viewers have held an infatuation with the … Continue reading The Riches of the Small Screen

On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum

Ah, the television. With old pejoratives like "boob tube" and "idiot box," it's clear that TV has a bad rap in comparison to other forms of media. But given trends like the advent of streaming and the rise of high-budget shows (see: Netflix's The Crown, Disney's The Mandalorian, and—forgive me—HBO's Game of Thrones), the television … Continue reading On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum