Diet Culture and Emily Mariko’s Salmon Rice Bowl

Trigger Warning: Food, Calories, Eating Disorders, Diet Culture If you search the hashtag “#WhatIEatInADay” on Tik Tok, you’ll find a wide assortment of creators participating in a trend where, as the hashtag suggests, one simply posts all of the food that they consumed in a day. This hashtag boasts 10.6 billion views, so it comes … Continue reading Diet Culture and Emily Mariko’s Salmon Rice Bowl

The Business of (Internalized) Misery

From Animal Crossing to Frank Ocean’s new singles to Zoey 101, a rather assorted range of media has trended on Twitter over the course of the past week. No more or no less assorted than Twitter trends typically are, perhaps, but assorted nonetheless. One viral tweet that caught my eye in particular was the following: … Continue reading The Business of (Internalized) Misery

Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

(Graphic Courtesy of The New York Times) When thinking of American politics and society over the past couple years I think we can all agree there has been a trend of wanting to return to “normal”. From Donald Trump promising an idyllic vision of the past or Biden promising a return to Obama years it … Continue reading Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

Health at Every Size?

In what light does society view a binge-drinker? What about a Juul user? A tanning booth user? Someone who doesn’t use a seatbelt, or use sunscreen? Most notably - what about a “fat” person?  Binge-drinking, Juuling, tanning, and other unhealthy behaviors are arguably normalized (and perhaps even culturally praised). People put their health at risk … Continue reading Health at Every Size?

Safety or Strength: Body-Regulating Policy in America

What are Steroids? Androgenic anabolic steroids are hormone supplements that can boost one's athletic performance, significantly increasing his or her odds of building muscle. According to a study by the International Journal of Sports Medicine, anabolic steroids can speed up the rate of muscle growth by a factor of up to 16. Accelerating muscle growth … Continue reading Safety or Strength: Body-Regulating Policy in America

Identity vs. Ideology in Modern American Politics You don't have to watch the full video above but the first half highlights the identity-focused dynamic of modern political news Last year CNN was running on my living room tv and while I wasn’t paying particular attention to their usually breathtaking and earth-shattering reporting one thing caught my focus: 2020 Democratic Power Rankings. … Continue reading Identity vs. Ideology in Modern American Politics

The Fault in Our Scales

TRIGGER WARNING: MENTIONS OF EATING DISORDERS This is the story of every person I have ever met. Well, not every person, but a vast majority. Weight governs how people see themselves and how they live their life. As a culture, we have been conditioned to care about the numbers on the scale, whether we see … Continue reading The Fault in Our Scales