On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum

Ah, the television. With old pejoratives like "boob tube" and "idiot box," it's clear that TV has a bad rap in comparison to other forms of media. But given trends like the advent of streaming and the rise of high-budget shows (see: Netflix's The Crown, Disney's The Mandalorian, and—forgive me—HBO's Game of Thrones), the television … Continue reading On TV and Oklahoma’s New State Curriculum

The Business of (Internalized) Misery

From Animal Crossing to Frank Ocean’s new singles to Zoey 101, a rather assorted range of media has trended on Twitter over the course of the past week. No more or no less assorted than Twitter trends typically are, perhaps, but assorted nonetheless. One viral tweet that caught my eye in particular was the following: … Continue reading The Business of (Internalized) Misery