Why Does Tech Exceptionalism Exist?

If you were told an industry is directly contributing to an increase in teenage eating disorders or suicide, what would your response be? Perhaps you would feel outrage, or simply confusion over how an industry could've been allowed to have that effect on teens in the first place. Maybe you would wonder, more specifically, how … Continue reading Why Does Tech Exceptionalism Exist?

Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

The term “hustle culture” often reminds our generation of the ironically motivational social media content from which it originates. A mass amount of cloned Instagram accounts regurgitate the same Elon Musk quotes about working 100 hour work weeks to start his businesses, all hoping to convince their audience that hard work will give them all … Continue reading Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

A Short Discussion About Object Permanence

(Image retrieved from Wikipedia) If you’ve ever played a game of peek-a-boo with an infant, you probably understand the concept of object permanence. Object permanence is the ability to recognize that objects still exist, even if they are not in our view. The reason why we are able to play peek-a-boo with babies is because … Continue reading A Short Discussion About Object Permanence

Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

(Graphic Courtesy of The New York Times) When thinking of American politics and society over the past couple years I think we can all agree there has been a trend of wanting to return to “normal”. From Donald Trump promising an idyllic vision of the past or Biden promising a return to Obama years it … Continue reading Redefining “Normal” During and After the Coronavirus

The Reality Behind the Memes

Only 3 days into 2020, teens in the US were making memes about the newest world crisis: the potential war between the US and Iraq. While it wasn’t likely that the conflict would escalate into a full blown world war, the increasing tension and threats led supporters and opponents alike to discuss #WorldWar3. And as … Continue reading The Reality Behind the Memes