Organization Profile: Nashville Dolphins

Across the country this month, the culmination of many high school senior years will serve as a testament to what every parent wants for their child. After four years of embarking into unknown social and academic territory, their child will graduate not only with a diploma, but with memories of their experiences outside the classroom … Continue reading Organization Profile: Nashville Dolphins

See Your Data, See Your Thoughts

It doesn’t sound very foreign to our generation to describe the following, but may have seemed as a repulsive invasion of privacy to prior generations. You finish your work for the weekend, open Safari on your iPhone, and search for film reviews before heading to the movies with friends. You click on a link to … Continue reading See Your Data, See Your Thoughts

Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture

The term “hustle culture” often reminds our generation of the ironically motivational social media content from which it originates. A mass amount of cloned Instagram accounts regurgitate the same Elon Musk quotes about working 100 hour work weeks to start his businesses, all hoping to convince their audience that hard work will give them all … Continue reading Social Media and the Normalization of Hustle Culture